Repair & maintenance

A range of trailer repair and maintenance support services to minimise your operational costs, maximise your operational availability and keep you compliant

If you hire trailers from TIP, the rate charged typically includes maintenance and the management of the annual test as standard, whilst we would usually arrange for any damage repairs needed too. Maintenance and repairs are usually carried out at one of our branch workshops (see 'Our locations') or by one of our hundred or so fully equipped mobile service units operating throughout the UK and Ireland. Alternatively, it may be done via one of our many authorised service partners operating around the country.

Our repair and maintenance service includes regular service inspections at the location (s) you choose, MOT preparation and presentation, roller brake testing, auxiliary equipment servicing and, of course, breakdown services via our 24/7/365 roadside assistance service.

Our repair and maintenance and roadside assistance services are also available for trailers not hired from TIP. Maintenance of non-TIP owned trailers can be done either on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, which we call ‘PayGo’, or by way of a fixed-cost maintenance agreement, which we call ‘FleetCare’ (see below). Arranging a FleetCare agreement with TIP enables you to budget your maintenance costs, whilst drastically reducing your administration burden.

With over 50 years’ experience in maintaining trailers, TIP is the partner of choice when it comes to ensuring your assets’ time ‘off-road’ is kept to a minimum.

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  • Comprehensive range of maintenance and repair services
  • Select the services you require
  • Nearly 200 fully trained technicians
  • Comprehensive coverage no matter where you are
  • Choice of fixed monthly payments or the flexibility of a ‘pay-as-you-go’
  • 24/7/365 breakdown service
  • Compliance management and customised reporting service

FleetCare Overview

If you would like TIP to manage the scheduled maintenance and compliance of your non-TIP trailers for a pre-agreed fixed monthly charge, you can arrange a FleetCare agreement with us.

The agreement can be for all or part of your non-TIP fleet, can be for a fixed term to suit your needs and you can decide on what is included and excluded and even where any maintenance is completed and by whom.

Typically a FleetCare agreement means that we will arrange for periodic service inspections and maintenance to be completed, including any repair work required to be done, and we will manage MOT / annual test events in conjunction with yourselves. The agreement can include the management of your tyres, maintenance of ancillary items, such as tail lifts and lifting decks, or other specialist equipment.

FleetCare agreements typically includes full roadside assistance too and complete management of compliance documentation, usually via our FleetRadar™ portal.

Maintenance and repairs can be done at any TIP branch (see 'Our locations'), at one of our authorised service partners’ workshops or via one of our hundred or so fully equipped mobile service units at a location of your choice.

With a FleetCare agreement, we will proactively manage the scheduled maintenance and annual test requirements for your trailers to ensure ‘downtime’ is kept to a minimum and your fleet stays ‘compliant’, whilst significantly reducing your administration burden and allowing you to plan the budgeting of your maintenance spend more effectively.

What's included in FleetCare?

FleetCare agreements typically include full roadside assistance too and complete management of compliance documentation, usually via our FleetRadar™ portal.

Trailer servicing – inspection, maintenance and replacement of worn parts, including brakes, axles, suspension, electrical components and bodywork. Rectifying damage can also be addressed at the same time of course, although this is not included in the FleetCare fixed monthly charge, and is charged separately. All scheduled maintenance will usually be carried out during normal working hours, Monday to Friday between 08.00 - 18.00 hours, although alternative hours may be agreed.

Ancillary servicing – tail lifts, lifting decks, refrigeration units and other items. Where possible, this will be completed at the same time as servicing of the trailer unit itself.

MOT / annual test - we will remind you in advance of a trailer becoming due for its annual check and arrange for it to be carried out before it is due. We will inspect a trailer, replace any parts deemed necessary as a result of wear and tear and, subject to agreement, due to damage, and then present it for test.

Tyre management – we will replace the tyres that need to be renewed as a result of wear and tear, in order to ensure that the trailer can be used safely and legally. As part of the agreement, you can choose whether re-tread tyres can be utilised or whether only brand new ones should be used.

Roadside assistance -  wherever you are, you would be covered by TIP’s 24/7/365 roadside assistance service. Drivers would have a single telephone number to call, with call operators able to receive calls in multiple languages. We will utilise the most appropriate authorised service provider and provide the you with an estimated arrival time to incident location within 30 minutes of receiving the incident call; we will endeavour to attend the incident within 60-90 minutes.

What type of maintenance do you provide?

We provide maintenance services for trailers that range from regular service inspections and maintenance to damage repairs and annual test preparation and presentation services.

Where is the maintenance done?

TIP has a network of branches (see ‘Our locations’) covering the UK and Ireland and a supporting network of authorised service partners that cover the areas in between. Both have well-equipped workshops with modern facilities and fully trained workshop technicians. To supplement this, TIP has around 100 mobile service units across the UK and Ireland, again with fully trained technicians, who can perform maintenance and repairs on your site or other location of your choice.

If I hire trailers from TIP, will we be notified in advance of any servicing requirements?

Yes, TIP will provide you with advanced notice to enable you to effectively plan for a trailer requiring its regular servicing or its annual test. We will work with you to ensure any maintenance events suit the needs of your operation, minimise any ‘downtime’ and ensure you stay ‘compliant’.

How are TIP’s maintenance services priced?

In a word, competitively! The sheer scale at which we purchase replacement parts, for example, ensures we get lowest cost pricing from our suppliers, which is reflected in our pricing. For TIP hired trailers, maintenance services are included in the rate as standard, whilst for non-TIP owned trailers, they can be charged on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis (our PayGo option) or by way of a fixed monthly charge (our FleetCare option).

Do you provide tyre management?

Yes, we provide a range of tyre services to help ensure your trailers’ tyres remain safe and legal. We inspect tyres, re-pressurise them if needed and replace worn or damaged tyres. We have a European wide purchasing agreement with a major tyre manufacturer to help ensure we can offer competitively priced tyres.

Trailer rental

If you are looking to hire trailers for a period of less than one year, you can choose our Short-Term Rental product and select trailers to suit your needs from our fleet of thousands.

Roadside assistance

TIP offers an extensive breakdown recovery service for your trailers throughout the UK and Ireland and beyond. Our dedicated and certified technicians are able to deliver roadside assistance to get you back on the road as soon as possible and the service is available 365/24/7.

Trailer leasing

If you are looking to hire trailers for 12 months or more, then our range of flexible finance and Long Term Lease products could be for you.

Curtainsider trailer

Trailer with a 'curtain' along the sides of its body which can be opened to load / un-load goods.

Box van trailer

Trailer that has solid walls in order to protect its cargo, making it a popular choice with the transport industry for transporting goods requiring high security.

Flatbed trailer

Trailer that typically has a flat ‘bed’ as its floor but has no side-walls or roof, enabling it to be used for carrying a wide range of cargo, including bulky, unusual and ‘oversized’ items.

Refrigerated trailer

Trailer that is fitted with a refrigeration unit to enable goods, such as food, drink or pharmaceuticals, to be temperature controlled.

Skeletal trailer

A skeletal trailer is a trailer frame that can carry containers.

Walking floor trailer

Trailer that has a floor that literally ‘walks’ its cargo, usually loose, bulk material, out of the trailer via the rear doors.

Stainless steel liquid tankers

Tankers are a road vehicles that can carry liquids or powder. TIP offers a wide range of stainless steel liquid tankers for purposes varying from food to chemicals.

Aluminium fuel tankers

TIP offers specialized equipment for the transportation of different types of fuel.

Aluminium powder tankers

Our powder tankers are equipped to transport various types of cargo, from powder type products to aggregate products.


A tanker is a road vehicle that can carry liquids or powder.

Waste tanker combi

The waste tanker combi is suitable for sewer or gully cleaning or sewage sludge and mine disposal.

Waste tanker recycler

A waste tanker recycler is used for sewer cleaning with and without water treatment, gully cleaning or for suction and rinsing .

Waste tankers

TIP has a wide range of waste tanker equipment to meet all of your needs.