Roadside assistance - be prepared for the unexpected

Safety is a major concern whenever it comes to on-road transportation. Innovative technologies are therefore arising to limit the amount of uncertainty, person and material damage. Telematics-based technologies, such as tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are proven to be able to prevent unexpected breakdowns on the road. However, not all breakdowns can be predicted or prevented.

If the worst should happen, your drivers need assistance to ensure their own safety, the safety of the vehicle and cargo.

In North America, 500,000 trucking accidents are estimated to take place annually with a rising trend ever since 2009. Tyre defects account for around 30% of truck-related accidents and are the most common cause of these accidents. (source: ProlicyAdvice)


Reasons for unexpected breakdowns

There are various reasons for breakdowns, some are due to the age of the equipment or lack of maintenance, some are due to unpredictable incidents on the road. According to research, there are many reasons for unexpected breakdowns, the following being the most common ones:

  1. Tyre punctures
  2. Engine failure
  3. Defective brakes
  4. Defective electrical system
  5. Damage to chassis and cooling units


Be prepared for the unexpected

When preparing for the worst-case scenario, it is important to have a clear action plan ready in a stressful situation such as an on-road breakdown.  

There are several points that should and can be arranged so that your drivers have the confidence to manage equipment breakdowns in the best way. Choosing a reliable roadside emergency provider beforehand, communicating the choice to the drivers and distributing the roadside assistant provider’s phone number to the drivers are essential.


Choosing your trusted roadside assistant provider

When choosing your trusted partner for breakdowns it is important to evaluate several factors:

  • 24/7 h availability
  • Geographical service network and number of cooperating workshops
  • Number of mobile service units available
  • Years of experience and knowledge
  • Number of supported languages
  • Availability of online incidence tracking

Breakdowns can happen at any time and any location, therefore it is important to have an all-year-long 24/7 available emergency assistance in all the countries that your business is operating in. Equally important is the availability of support in the languages that your drivers comprehend.

For a more detailed understanding of the breakdown status and history, access to a web portal where the data is being stored can help to identify trends and to receive breakdown status updates.


Pan-European breakdown service around the clock - non-stop with Roadside Assistance 

Roadside Assistance provides help and offers services for your trailers 24/7, 365 days per year without upfront costs. In case of a breakdown, support is being offered in more than 18 languages and is available in North America, the United Kingdom and 16 European countries covering South, East, Central and North Europe.

With Roadside Assistance you have access to an extensive fleet of mobile service units, with over 100 in the UK and Ireland alone. Each mobile service unit is equipped to fix ripped curtains or small bodywork repairs, but also to carry complex trailer diagnostics technologies to test brakes and detect electrical faults.

The large geographical network allows Roadside Assistance service to act global and help local throughout Europe and Canada!


Find out more about how to best protect your drivers, cargo and vehicles with Roadside Assistance.




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