BrakePlus update provides operators with further ‘Insight’ on their trailers’ braking performance

New functionality has been added to BrakePlus, TIP’s Electronic Braking Performance Monitoring System, to enable trailer fleet management teams to see, at-a-glance, information relating to any remedial service work carried out or, indeed, any physical roller brake tests that may have been performed.

Users can see if, for example, a trailer’s braking system has had a reline or a laden roller brake test (whether performed at annual MOT or after maintenance has been carried out on the braking system), together with the result of that test. The mileage and number of days since such an ‘intervention’ is also provided for further context.

The EBPMS platform also shows comments that have been added by TIP’s operations team regarding any work carried out by TIP technicians.

Existing users should note that the new information can be added to the view of their fleet by clicking on the ‘Columns’ button (top-right of screen) and ticking the relevant ‘Show’ box, as shown below.

The new functionality adds further weight to the argument that BrakePlus provides the most comprehensive level of detail on trailer braking performance of any EBPMS in the marketplace.

BrakePlus helps to reduce the costly downtime associated with having to carry out regular roller brake tests, enabling operators to limit their requirement for physical roller brake tests to one per year.

BrakePlus is a unique solution because not only do operators benefit from continuous monitoring of their trailer fleet’s braking performance but, with TIP’s nationwide maintenance and repair network behind them, they have immediate access to the means to address any issues found.


BrakePlus was launched early last year, following discussions with the DVSA, and now many fleets across the United Kingdom, from many different sectors, are enjoying the benefits offered by BrakePlus.


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