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FleetRadar™ gets an update

FleetRadarTM, TIP’s ‘one-stop’ portal for accessing information on your TIP hired or maintained fleet, has been updated with several enhancements to improve the customer experience.

Most notable is a re-vamped ‘Equipment Details’ section that has a new ‘Services Overview’ tab which now clearly shows the date that the last MOT or service inspection was done for an asset and the date that the next one is due.

Furthermore, a new ‘traffic light’ indicator alongside the next scheduled dates helps draw attention to any upcoming and overdue events.

Where there is an upcoming or overdue event for the asset, a link is provided to the ‘MyCompliance’ module of FleetRadar TM, where details of those events are shown.

In addition, to help users distinguish the asset type, the ‘Basic information’ tab of the ‘Equipment Details’ section now displays three levels of asset information. For example, Level 1 = Trailer, Level 2 = Van, Level 3 = Standard or Level 1 = Trailer, Level 2 = Reefer, Level 3 = MultiTemp and so on.

Users can now also see under what type of arrangement with TIP the asset is held, Rental, Leasing, Contracted or Non-Contracted Maintenance.

Read more about FleetRadarTM here.


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