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Never Mind the Balearics - Here's Day 2

by Mike Furnival 

An earlier night to bed for most, as the travails of Day 1 took full effect. Awoke to a glorious sunrise and all the team felt refreshed for a shorter day in the saddle.

We set off at a fast pace along straight, flat roads out of town while the goats went off to seek much higher ground for grazing. They’re heading for 15,000 ft of climbs over 3 days!

What was looking like a straightforward run to lunch in Arta was suddenly interrupted by a great big lump of 10 k hill which strung the team out in a painfully tough winding climb. However, all safely passed the test and we enjoyed a brief lunch in Arta before following the coast without any dramas into the pretty town of Porto Cristo; a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Our fantastic truck driver, Lee from Bowkers, parked the rig neatly in the middle of town, just in front of Rafael Nadal’s catamaran, and it attracted plenty of attention. We even received donations from a few passing tourists!

Back to a long, lumpy day in the saddle today as we head for the finish line. The weather forecast is rain this afternoon which should make things rather interesting.

The donations keep coming, thanks to your wonderful support -  nearly £47,000 currently !

Target firmly in sight - one last push !

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