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New 'Blind Spot' stickers needed for France

If you have 3.5 tonne + vehicles travelling within France, you will need to have ‘blind spot’ stickers visible to comply with new legislation, effective January 2021, from the French Government.

Three stickers of a specific design, intended to improve safety of ‘vulnerable’ road users, must be added to the sides and rear of the vehicle; drivers may be fined for non-compliance!

If vehicles already have stickers that are similar to the design required by the legislation, these may suffice up until 6th January 2022, provided that they are affixed by the end of March 2021.

What will TIP do to help you?

If you intend to drive through France, we can assist you by either sending you the stickers to apply yourself or we can apply the stickers for you at one of our 13 branches across the UK and Ireland.

Contact your usual branch, your account manager or contact us here.


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