Meet the TIP Central Accounts Team

The TIP Central Accounts team is based at the TIP UK headquarters, Trafford Park, Manchester.

The team consists of 6 office-based customer services staff and 9 dedicated mobile technicians who together manage around 1,300 assets that are located across the UK and Ireland.

In managing those assets, the team carries out a variety of functions such as arranging compliance events, cost management, compliance reporting, spend analysis, breakdown management and tyre management.

Many other activities are undertaken on a daily basis in order to ensure assets stay ‘compliant’ and in operation, whilst ensuring operational costs are minimised.

The team was formed in 2012 and, through provision of a quality service and by working in partnership with their customers, has flourished to demonstrate ‘fleet compliance’ which is amongst the best in the industry.

Mark Youd

Customer Services Manager

Jamie Brookshaw

Assistant Customer Services Manager

Michelle Madsen

Customer Services Specialist

Chelsea Tighe

Customer Services Specialist

Maxine Kendrick

Customer Services Specialist

Lauren Caffari

Customer Services Specialist

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