Meet the TIP Dublin Team

The TIP Dublin team is managed by Alan Rock (Branch Operations Manager). Alan has been with TIP for 33 years. Outside of work, Alan is a keen runner with a few marathons under his belt. As well as this, he is a Liverpool fan. He can be seen around his local golf course and is a lover of the 19th.

Alan is supported by John McNeill (left) and Glen Morgan (right).

John McNeill (Assistant Branch Operations Manager) has been with TIP for 17 years. He likes to bungee jump now and then, and like Alan, has a few marathons under his belt. Unlike Alan though, he is an Everton supporter.

Glen Morgan (Operations Assistant) has been with TIP for 4 years and enjoys learning at TIP every day. He is also a Liverpool supporter. He is following the footsteps of his manager and has started to do a bit of running. He is a dad to two girls who love to paint his nails!

From a commercial perspective, branch activities are supported by Michael Murphy (Commercial Manager). Mike has been with TIP for 32 years. He is a passionate supporter of the Dublin GAA. From a soccer perspective, he has a passion for both Arsenal and Celtic.


The workshop has a team of mechanics.

Pictured left to right are John, Paul, Willie, Vernon and Christopher.

John Lockwood (Workshop Mechanic) has been at TIP for 8 years and has 30 years’ experience working with trailers. He is Dublin’s Yorkshire rugby player and is a Leeds fan.

Paul Byrne (Workshop Mechanic) has been with TP for 13 years and has been fixing anything mechanical for as long as he can remember. He is a Manchester United fan.

Willie Byrne (Workshop Mechanic) has been with TIP for 13 years as well. He has been working with trailers for 17 years and is another Manchester United fan.

Vernon Doherty (Workshop Mechanic) has been with TIP for 15 years. Prior to working with TIP, he worked on repairing machines. On the weekends, he does some DJ work as ‘DJ Keglad’.

Christopher Kavanagh (Trainee Mechanic) loves learning and is always willing to go the extra mile. Rumour has it, he has the cleanest car in Ireland.

The Dublin branch also has a team of Mobile Mechanics.

Liam pictured left and Aaron pictured right.

Liam Connolly (Mobile Mechanic) has been with TIP for 2 years and has over 40 years’ experience. He is a big Elvis fan and has the hair to prove it!

Aaron Cox (Mobile Mechanic) was practically born with a spanner in his hand and grew up working on all sorts of equipment. He has been working on trailers for around 8 years. Aaron has recently found the desire to exercise and has built himself a home gym.