Meet the TIP Liverpool Team

The team at TIP Simonswood is led by Steve Caslin (Branch Operations Manager). Steve has been with TIP since 2007, starting as an Operations Assistant at Carrington. He moved to Simonswood in 2018 after 6 years as a CSM in HQ.                                                                                            Team: Everton

Steve is ably supported by these guys:

Pictured from left to right are JJ, Ste, Dave, Leeanne and Paul

JJ Jnr. Joe Johanson (Business Admin Apprentice) has been with the team since May 2019 and is very close to becoming a fully-fledged Operations Assistant.                                                                                                Team : Liverpool

Ste McCarthy (Operations Assistant) started at TIP in 2017; a key member of the team, supporting large customer accounts and managing our mobile mechanics.                                                                                                  Team : Liverpool

Dave Gibson (Senior Assistant Branch Operations Manager) has 21 years’ experience under his belt and is an integral part of the team.                        Team : Everton

Leeanne McDowell-Jones (MOT Lane Administrator). Not only known for having the longest name at TIP, Leeanne is instrumental in the management of our ATF and MOT throughput.                                                                Team : Liverpool

Paul Caslin (Operations Assistant) has had many roles in the branch and brings vast experience to the team.                                                              Team : Everton

Our two customer services teams are:

Pictured left to right are John, James and Lisa

John Leahy (Customer Service Manager). Like Steve, John also had a spell at HQ.                                                                                                  Team : Everton

John is supported by James Caslin (Assistant Customer Service Manager). James has been with TIP for over 7 years and brings a wealth of customer service experience from his previous roles in HQ.                                   Team : Liverpool

Lisa Deens (Operations Assistant) is an integral member of the team, with a keen eye for detail.                                                                                    Team : Everton

Pictured left to right are John, Shelia and George

John Cooke (Customer Service Manager) has been with the business since 2013, starting out at HQ. John is a very passionate member of the team. 

Sheila Downes (Assistant Customer Service Manager) is the branch ‘billing’ expert with swathes of customer service experience.                             Team : Everton

George Lawless (Operations Assistant) is our IT guru and a real asset to the whole branch with his Excel skills. Outside of work, he is a guitar playing ninja and wants a duck for a pet.

Meanwhile, in the workshop …

The workshop is led by Ted Thomas (Workshop Manager). He has 35 years-experience and it shows! He’s been with TIP since 2012 and joined Simonswood in 2018 after previously working as a mobile mechanic. He doesn’t like football!!

Ted is supported by a great set of lads.

Pictured from left to right are Dennis, Kenny, Mark, Steve Kelly, Ted, Mike, Joe, Dave, Chris and Gus

Dave Quirk (Workshop Supervisor) is assisted by Ryan Brown (Coded Welder), Mike Quirk (Trainee Bodyman), Brian Jones (Panel Beater) and Gus McDermott (Bodyman). They have years of experience between them and there’s no job too big or too small.

There is also ‘hundreds’ of years’ experience between our fitters. Ste Bligh (Operations Workshop Supervisor) is supported by Kenny Morris (Workshop Mechanic), Mark Doyle (Technician), Ste Kelly (Operations Workshop Cleaner), Chris O’Driscoll (Bodyman), Dennis Hill (Workshop Mechanic), Jon Nutall (HGV driver) and Mark Davies (Operations Workshop Cleaner). We also have two Apprentice Workshop Mechanics, Dave Kelly and Joe Dobinson.

Last, but by no means least, the Mobile Mechanics, who again have years of experience between them, are: Costantinos Costa (‘Costi’), Joe Leahy, Dean Parr, Glenn Hollinghurst and Jason Leigh. They provide clinics for some of TIP’s largest customers in the North West.