Meet the Sales Guy - Luc Kergoat

TIP base location: Manchester HQ
Job title: Strategic Account Manager
Years at TIP:

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How long have you been in the industry and how did you get into it?

I started in the industry when I joined TIP 27 years ago, although it seems like yesterday! I wanted a change in career and someone mentioned that TIP in Heathrow were looking for an assistant branch manager. I was lucky enough to get the job and have loved working for TIP ever since.

How has your role changed / evolved since you started at TIP?

Within 18 months of starting in the operational side of TIP, I realised that I liked dealing with customers and managed to move into a junior sales role. Back then, TIP had only just started using computers and still used a T-Card system to manage the movements of trailers! I’ve held various commercial roles over the years and have gained many good friends in the industry, but the biggest evolution that I’ve seen has been the advancement and use of technology in the industry.

What are the top 3 most valuable skills you’ve learnt whilst working at TIP?

1) Over my 27 years, TIP has changed a great deal which has meant that I have also had to be open to change.

2) One of TIP’s greatest strengths is its culture of having fun whilst working. I genuinely enjoy coming to work every day, and having great relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers is a key part of that.

3) Being creative is an important part of my role and helps when solving issues that arise with customers and within TIP.

Who / what inspires you the most?

The thing that inspires me the most in my work life is the drive to find solutions to issues. There is no better feeling than being creative and helping solve a customer’s problem!

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