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Feel the power of trailer rental from TIP

If you are a transport operator, you will have experienced a surge in demand to transport goods on more than one occasion. You may have also had to decline that opportunity because you didn’t have sufficient transport available, or more specifically, trailer capacity. Faced with such a scenario, operators can tap into the power of TIP’s trailer rental capability to help cater for those unexpected delivery requirements.

Extensive range across UK & Ireland

If you need a trailer or two on a ‘short-term’ (usually considered to be less than 365 days) basis, then our trailer rental service may provide the perfect solution for you.  Throughout the UK & Ireland, TIP has an extensive range of trailers available for rent from its fleet of over 12,000 trailers, including curtainsiders, box trailers, flatbeds, skeletal trailers, reefers and walking floor trailers. A range of tankers and trucks are also available via TIP Tanker Services and Grayrentals respectively.

Easy return

When you come to the end of your rental agreement with us, you simply need to return the trailer(s). We want you to make the most of your trailer rental with us. We take it as given that there will inevitably be some signs of wear and tear or some minor damage to the trailers (such as scratches and dents) at the end of the rental agreement and therefore factor this into the fixed rental price to avoid any unexpected costs.

Maintenance is standard

TIP has over 50 years’ experience in maintaining and repairing trailers and, as you’d expect, a full maintenance service is included as standard when you hire a TIP trailer. Maintenance and repair can be carried out at any of our 100 workshop bays across the UK & Ireland, at a workshop managed by one of our several hundred authorised partners or at your own site via one of our 76 mobile service units.

We employ over 150 highly skilled mechanics and have the processes in place to fulfil servicing and repair requirements quickly. Our mechanics train regularly and are up to date with the latest workshop equipment, technologies and updates from all the major trailer manufacturers. Further information on TIP’s maintenance service can be found here.

Roadside assistance included

When we hire out our trailers, we include roadside assistance in the rental package. TIP’s roadside assistance service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and can cover drivers travelling not only in the UK & Ireland but right across Europe. Further information on TIP’s roadside assistance service can be found here.

The power of TIP trailer rental

For further information on TIP’s trailer rental service or to request a quotation, please visit here.

If you would like to experience the power of TIP trailer rental, please contact either your TIP account manager or your local branch, details of which can be found here.


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