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Maddy Dickinson

Job title: Marketing & Communications Intern UK & Ireland

How is your internship going so far?

My internship is going well so far. I’m really enjoying it; I get to work on projects related to my degree in a fast-paced working environment and gain important skills that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to gain whilst studying.

What does a typical day for you involve?

Every day is different, which is something else I’m enjoying about the internship. There are some tasks I do every day such as lead management, but my other tasks vary day to day. I get to manage social media activity, update the website, use Adobe software and order promotional materials amongst other things!

What would you say is the best achievement of your internship so far?

I would say my biggest achievement during my internship has been seeing my confidence grow from the start of my role until now. I’m also proud of the 2021 calendar we produced.

What is the TIP ‘family’ like to work with?

My experience has probably been different from most as I have been working from home since starting my internship. Despite this, I have been welcomed and well supported by everyone at TIP and still managed to feel a part of the TIP ‘family’. Everyone I have met has been lovely, which makes me excited to hopefully be able to work in the office more often towards the end of my internship.

What will you be doing in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years, I will have graduated uni and hopefully be working in a marketing role. I would like to work for a marketing agency so I can have exposure to different companies from different industries. I would also like to have moved out of home and bought my own house!

What interesting fact about you would you like to share?

I have fed giraffes! Giraffes are my favourite animal and Chester Zoo do a giraffe feeding experience which I was lucky enough to receive as a gift.

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