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Roadside assistance

Trust TIP roadside assistance to get you back on the road

TIP offers an extensive breakdown recovery service for your trailers throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond. Our comprehensive network of our own technicians and those of our authorised service partners will get your trailers back in operation quickly, ensuring the minimum possible ‘downtime’.

Using our bespoke call-handling system, we are able to provide real-time monitoring of any breakdown, which helps improve efficiency of the incident and ensure response times that are amongst the fastest available.

With a network of workshops and mobile service units that are equipped with the most commonly required replacement parts, we can provide fast access to parts when you need them the most. The scale to which we use replacement parts helps ensure they are competitively priced within the marketplace.

A single telephone number can be used 24/7/365, with calls being handled in multiple languages to support the needs of drivers whose first language is not English.

Trailers hired from TIP have access to our roadside assistance service as standard, whilst non-TIP trailers can also benefit from the service, provided they are registered on our system. Trailers that are on a FleetCare agreement, are covered by our roadside assistance service as standard.

  • 24/7/365 telephone and breakdown attendance support
  • Multi-language call-handling to support your driver requirements
  • Fast response times to minimise downtime
  • Real-time monitoring of breakdowns to improve efficiency
  • European-wide cover from a single provider

Roadside assistance telephone numbers

Trailer rental

If you are looking to hire trailers for a period of less than one year, you can choose our Short-Term Rental product and select trailers to suit your needs from our fleet of thousands.

Trailer leasing

If you are looking to hire trailers for 12 months or more, then our range of flexible finance and Long Term Lease products could be for you.

Repair and maintenance

TIP offers a range of trailer repair and maintenance services to minimise your operational costs, maximise your operational availability and keep you compliant.

Curtainsider trailer

Trailer with a 'curtain' along the sides of its body which can be opened to load / un-load goods.

Box van trailer

Trailer that has solid walls in order to protect its cargo, making it a popular choice with the transport industry for transporting goods requiring high security.

Refrigerated trailer

Trailer that is fitted with a refrigeration unit to enable goods, such as food, drink or pharmaceuticals, to be temperature controlled.

Flatbed trailer

Trailer that typically has a flat ‘bed’ as its floor but has no side-walls or roof, enabling it to be used for carrying a wide range of cargo, including bulky, unusual and ‘oversized’ items.

Skeletal trailer

A skeletal trailer is a trailer frame that can carry containers.

Walking floor trailer

A walking floor trailer is flexible and diverse for easy loading and unloading of bulk and general cargo as well as combined loads.

Tipper trailer

Whether in agriculture or on the construction site, the tipper is a reliable asset for transporting your goods.

Swap body box

A swap body box is an exchangeable freight container that can easily be separated from the carrier.

Swap body curtainsider

A swap body curtainsider is an exchangeable freight container, with flexible sides (curtains), that can easily be separated from the carrier.


A tanker is a road vehicle that can carry liquids or powder.

Stainless steel liquid tankers

Tankers are a road vehicles that can carry liquids or powder. TIP offers a wide range of stainless steel liquid tankers for purposes varying from food to chemicals.

Aluminium fuel tankers

TIP offers specialized equipment for the transportation of different types of fuel.

Aluminium powder tankers

Our powder tankers are equipped to transport various types of cargo, from powder type products to aggregate products.

Waste tankers

TIP has a wide range of waste tanker equipment to meet all of your needs.

Waste tanker combi

The waste tanker combi is suitable for sewer or gully cleaning or sewage sludge and mine disposal.

Waste tanker recycler

A waste tanker recycler is used for sewer cleaning with and without water treatment, gully cleaning or for suction and rinsing .